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Tim Prater

President, P.E., LEED AP
As President of the firm, Mr. Prater is an active participant on all major mechanical engineering projects. He serves as Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager with a variety of customers, primarily those needing heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing and fire protection design for educational facilities, institutional facilities, manufacturing facilities, corporate office buildings and data centers. Mr. Prater founded the firm in 1996 after accumulating over fifteen years of experience in project management and mechanical engineering.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering/1983 (graduate cum laude) – The Ohio State University
Registration: Ohio, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Connecticut, Washington, West Virginia, Idaho
Professional Affiliations: U.S. Green Building Council – USGBC
American Council of Engineering Companies ACEC
The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers – ASHRAE
National Fire Protection Association – NFPA
Awards: Mr. Prater received the highest score in the State of Ohio on the professional engineering examination.
Abbreviations: PIC – Principal in Charge; PM – Project Manager; ME – Mechanical Engineer; QC – Quality Control Engineer; EE – Electrical Engineer; P – Plumbing Engineer; FP – Fire Protection Engineer.



Mechanical Engineer

Columbus, Ohio – Renovation of six story 180,000 square foot facility located near downtown. Variable air volume vertical self contained air conditioning units were used to condition the building. Hot water heating was used – perimeter and at the VAV boxes. A waterside economizer was used for free cooling during the winter.

Completed: 1997-1998.


Project Manager/Engineer

Columbus, Ohio – 811,000 sq. ft. corporate center consolidating operations scattered throughout the region, expandable to 1.6 million sq. ft. Facility includes: a 25,200 gross sq. ft. training center consisting of meeting rooms, a 350 seat auditorium and full A/V capabilities, 3 story atrium with water features and smoke control system, kitchen and dining facility for 750 people. Systems include: a cellular floor system for power and data distribution; 2400 ton chilled water cooling systems expandable to 4000 tons, variable volume chilled and heating water pumping; 1000 KW standby generator; 34.5 KV primary electrical service with preferred and alternate sources.

Completed: 1996.


Mechanical Engineer

Columbus, Ohio – Wexner Center for the Arts Library. The space was designed to house rare books and art for the Wexner Visual Arts Center. Design featured a dual duct variable volume HVAC system with humidification and dehumidification control. Special lighting was required to prevent damage to rare items. Communication and power wiring for present and future needs was provided. 30,000 sq. ft.

Wexner Center for the Arts. Galleries, Black Box Theater, film center, library, recording studio, air systems acoustically designed, heat recovery system. Variable speed pumping. 133,000 sq. ft.

Project Engineer

Hamilton Hall (constructed 1930) renovation, teaching and research laboratories, offices, classrooms, conference areas for medical research. Heat recovery, variable speed pumping.

Completed: 1991


Project Manager/Engineer

Columbus, Ohio – Building 7 Ground Floor North Renovation. The north wing of this existing laboratory/office building was renovated into a new Histology Lab. The existing air handling unit was replaced with a new 110,000 CFM custom unit to provide make-up air for new laboratories being located in the building and serve the remainder of the building. The new unit was sized to accommodate the future renovation of the entire four story building. A Phoenix laboratory exhaust system was provided.

Completed: 1999

Project Manager/Engineer

Columbus, Ohio – Building 1 First Floor Renovation. The ground floor of this of this existing high bay/ laboratory building was renovated into new lab and high bay space. A new 25,000 CFM custom air handling unit was added to provide make-up air for new laboratories and to air condition the high bay space. The space also included a pool for underwater research. A Phoenix laboratory exhaust system was provided.

Completed: 1999


Project ManagerConstruction

Columbus, Ohio – McConnell Heart Health Center. 100,000 sq. ft. with exercise area, lap pool, hydrotherapy pool, community services center, locker, showers, saunas, indoor track, basketball, weight training. Used active, refrigerated dehumidification. Recycled hot gas for pool water heater. Prater Engineering provided quality control checking and construction administration services for this project.

$10,000,000 1996-1997.


Project Engineer

Cincinnati, Ohio – Sharon Woods Technical Center Health care products development facility consisting of 180,000 sq. ft. laboratory and office building. Remodel of an existing manufacturing and warehouse building. Design of the power distribution, fire alarm, security, sound masking systems, etc. Completed on a fast track schedule.

Completed: 1992.

Project Engineer

Augusta, Georgia – Manufacturing support facility consisting of offices, conference rooms in a new three story addition. The project also included the renovation of and existing products laboratory inside the powdered soap plant.



Project Manager

Hamilton, Ohio – Hamilton Campus Central Chilled Water Plant Phase I. Two 500 ton centrifugal chillers, cooling towers and a primary-secondary chilled water pumping system are being added to Mosler Hall to create a central chilled water plant for the campus.

Completed: 1998.

Project Manager

Hamilton, Ohio – Hamilton Campus Central Chilled Water Plant Phase II. Underground chilled water piping was installed form the 500 ton centrifugal chillers in Mosler Hall to Phelps Hall and Schwarm Hall. Variable flow secondary chilled water pups were added for each building and a variable frequency drive was added for Cooling Tower #2. $450,000/1999.


Project Manager

361,000 sq. ft. computer complex. 5000 tons of cooling, hot water heating, steam humidification, free cooling system, heat recovery system, 4500 KVA UPS system, 11.25 MW of standby power.

Compeleted: 1988-1991.

Project Engineer

State of Ohio computer center, air conditioning system addition on second floor ODN DASD area

Completed: 1993.


Project Engineer

Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio – Renovation of product display and historic building. Mechanical systems integrated into building architecture. Pond used for condenser water.

Completed: 1988-1989.


Columbus, Ohio – LeVeque Tower, 46-story building. Complete renovation of the historic landmark downtown high-rise, built in 1927. Consists of 460,000 sq. ft. Mechanical and electrical system studies and design of new building heating and air conditioning system, chiller plant, fire protection system, power distribution, exterior lighting, etc.

Completed: 1985-Present.


Principal in Charge

Columbus, Ohio – Office space revisions for corporate sales, marketing and accounting. Our services included the design of a new variable air volume air distribution system for the space using existing air handling equipment. 32,000 square feet.

Completed: 1997.

Project Manager

Columbus, Ohio- HVAC study for the corporate training center. The existing system was reviewed to determine the cause of the existing comfort problems. The report identified the problems, recommended corrective measures and provided cost estimates.

Completed: 1997.

Project Engineer

Columbus, Ohio – Computer complex which included several different types of Liebert air conditioning equipment and a 400 KW generator.

Completed: 1989.


Project Manager

Lima, Ohio – Chiller replacement. Provided mechanical and electrical drawings for the replacement of the existing 105 ton reciprocating water cooled chiller. A new water cooled 111 ton screw chiller was installed. The existing chilled water and condenser water pumps were also replaced. Standby pumps were added for reliability.

Completed: 1997


Mechanical Engineer

Columbus, Ohio – Department of Public Utilities, Sewerage and Drainage Division. Overflow Reduction for Williams Road, Frank Road, Dublin Road and Castle Road Sewerage Pumping Stations. Design, replacement and upgrade of four (4) existing sewerage pumping stations. The new pumping rates range from 1MGD to 20MGD (Million Gallon/Day). Systems design services included mechanical ventilation and air filtration systems, standby power systems power distribution, instrumentation and controls, and layout and scheduling of all wire and conduit with point to point wiring diagrams. Construction Review consisted of full-time field supervision of all electrical and mechanical work, detailed review of shop drawings and preparation of maintenance and operation manuals for each pumping station. Witnessed factory testing of equipment and monitored start-up of all equipment.

Completed: 1996.


Project Engineer

Dayton, Ohio – New campus. Central power house with four Ohio Special Steam Boilers, underground high pressure steam and condensate piping from the power house to each building. Four housing buildings, a powerhouse, an administration building, an activities building, an industry building and a food preparation and dining facility were located on the campus.

Completed: 1984.

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