Eric M. Booher, P.E., LEED AP

Mr. Booher serves Mechanical Engineer on projects needing heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing and fire protection design. He has extensive experience designing and managing projects for corporate, commercial, industrial, laboratory and institutional facilities. Mr. Booher joined the firm in 1999 and became a Principal in 2002.
Education: Wright State University, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering / 1996.
Professional Affiliations: The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers – ASHRAE
U.S. Green Building Council – USGBC
Abbreviations: PIC – Principal in Charge; PM – Project Manager; ME – Mechanical Engineer; QC – Quality Control Engineer; EE – Electrical Engineer; P – Plumbing Engineer; FP – Fire Protection Engineer.


The Ohio State University – Goss Lab Air Handling Unit Replacement

PM/ME – Replacement of air handling units AHU-1, AHU-2, and AHU-3 in the lower level of Goss Lab. The scope included associated heating hot water and chilled water piping, controls, drives and commissioning of the units. AHU-7 located in the 3rd Floor Mechanical Room was also replaced via consolidation with AHU-1 since both units are 100% outside air. All air handling were converted from multizone to VAV with reheat. $870,000. 2012.

Miami University – Millett Hall HVAC Rehabilitation & Temperature Control Upgrade

ME – The project consisted of a complete air handling unit replacement (13 units) for this 10,000 seat arena on the Oxford campus. A DDC Control upgrade down to the zone level was included. A 1,000 ton electric centrifugal chiller and cooling tower was added to the North Chiller Plant to accommodate the increased cooling demand. $4,500,000. 2003.

Miami University – Harris Dining Hall Air Handling Unit Replacement

ME – This project addressed the HVAC system throughout along with minor electrical, fire alarm, and plumbing improvements. Harris Dining Hall is 50,035 sf and is a single story facility with a basement. The goal was to upgrade the HVAC systems to provide better comfort control, reduce the HVAC maintenance requirements, and provide improved energy efficiency. The three (3) existing multi-zone air handling units were replaced with new VAV units and all pneumatic controls were replaced with DDC. $1,600,000. 2011.

Battelle Memorial Institute – Building 11 HVAC System Improvements

ME – The eight (8) existing air handling units serving this high rise office building were upgraded in four (4) phases while the building remained occupied (through the use of duct cross-ties). The existing cooling coils, steam hot deck heating coils, supply air fans, return air fans, control dampers and controls were replaced. The existing air handling unit housings were reused. The existing control system was upgraded to DDC. $2,000,000. 2003.

The Ohio State University – Smith Lab HVAC System Rehabilitation

ME – The rehabilitation project scope consists of the upgrade the HVAC system and electrical switchgear in the building. Existing dual duct air handling units are being replaced with VAV units and VAV w/reheat boxes are being provided for each zone. A total mechanical room upgrade is also being designed including: steam pressure reducing stations, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, condensate sets, insulation, ventilation, etc. Pneumatic controls will be replaced with DDC controls down to the zone level. $9,050,000. 2012.

Battelle Memorial Institute – Building 7C Ground Floor Air Handling Unit Replacement

ME – Replacement of the existing 100% outside air unit serving the ground floor. The unit serves animal rooms, the cage wash facility, feed dispensing and other support spaces. The unit was provided with a heat recovery runaround coil. A duct cross-tie between the new unit and the existing Building 7 air handling unit was provided to temporarily condition the occupied space during construction. $600,000. 2003.

Wright State University – Student Union Air Handling Unit and Substation Replacement

ME – Dayton, Ohio. Mechanical and electrical upgrade for the Student Union. Project included replacing the existing air handling systems serving the existing offices, bookstore rooms and natatorium. The main electrical substation serving the entire building was also replaced. A heat wheel was provided in the new natatorium air handling unit. All work was completed while the building remained occupied. $600,000. 2001.

Miami University – Upham Hall Southeast Wing HVAC Upgrade

ME – Replacement of the existing multizone air handler located in the basement mechanical room. The air handler serves the basement, ground and first floor in the southeast wing. The system was converted from constant volume to variable air volume (VAV). A total mechanical room upgrade was provided for all components: steam pressure reducing stations, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, condensate sets, etc. Pneumatic controls were removed and DDC controls were provided down to the zone level. $650,000. 2007.

The Ohio State University – Hopkins Hall HVAC System Replacement

ME – The project included the upgrade all the mechanical systems. The systems upgrade included replacement of existing west wing air handling units and installing a new air handling for the entire north wing that included fans, ductwork and air delivery devices. A new BacNet DDC system replaced the existing pneumatic system. A new water cooled rotary screw chiller was also installed to handle the increased cooling load. $6,800,000. 2012.

Miami University – Havighurst Hall HVAC and Electrical Improvements

PM/ME – Havighust Hall is a 71,277 sf, three story dormitory building built in 1983. The existing two-pipe fan coil system was replaced with new DDC units. New isolation valves and drain valves were provided at the bottom of the combination chilled / heating hot water risers. Existing multizone air handling units AHU-1, 2 & 3 were replaced with VAV units and VAV w/reheat boxes were provided for each zone. A total mechanical room upgrade was also designed including: steam pressure reducing stations, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, condensate sets, insulation, ventilation, etc. $1,580,000. 2011.

Miami University – Upham Hall Air Handling Unit Replacement

PM/ME – Project included replacement of two existing air handling units serving the upper three floors of Upham Hall. A demand controlled ventilation (CO2) system was provided to minimize energy used to condition outdoor air. The new air handling system was variable air volume. $450,000. 2004.

Central Ohio Neurological Surgeons – Ambulatory Surgery Center and MOB Renovation

PM/ME – Renovation of the existing 37,750 sf single-story building located at 955 Eastwind Drive in Westerville, Ohio. The interior of the building was renovated to support medical office and support space. In addition, the facility included an imaging suite and an ambulatory surgery center. The project required an analysis of the existing mechanical systems and electrical service capacity. Separate from the main building systems, the ASC component required a stand-alone HVAC system and generator backup. $4,500,000. 2007.